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The Dyslexic Boy Failed By The System

The ADT has become aware of a disturbing story. A south London 10 year old boy who has been identified as "severely dyslexic" has been prevented from gaining appropriate educational help by an uncooperative council. The full story can be read HERE at the London Evening Standard website

Find the dyslexics strengths, before their weaknesses define them

Dr Beverly Steffart's successful presentation at the British Dyslexia Association 8th International Conference: "Social Emotional Development" of dyslectic children can be downloaded from THIS web page in our research section.

Dyslexia Awareness Week


This includes a very special gallery evening on Tuesday 2nd November 2010 showcasing the work of dyslexic artist.

This event will take place in the Shell UK building between 5.00pm to 8.00pm

Willard Wigan micro sculptures and limited editions will be on view, along with a silver and glass installation by Jelena Kazomora.

DYS-PLA Festival


Tickets for all the Dys-Pla program, including the opening night gala, are available on www.wegottickets.comkeyword Dys-Pla. Buying online gets you individual tickets at £10 and tickets for both plays at £12, as opposed to the £15 flat fee on the door.

ADT and AchieveAbility collaborate on Olympiad "Inspire" programme

ADT and AchieveAbility have collaborated on a project for the Olympiad "Inspire" programme delivering 8 workshops in the East End of London and involving approximately 130 young people from 14 -18 years old. Each workshop inspired a set of images for innovative online and real time posters depicting the youth culture and the values of 2012 in the East End of London.

Creative Empowering Art Workshops


Held at Exeter and Totnes Venues
Run By Ruth - Artist/Poet/Creative Educator

A stimulating, inspiring, learning environment. Experiment or learn techniques and skills with collage, abstract experimental textiles, painting drawing, printing etc. An inclusive respectful environment of choice... Be yourself. Be happy with yourself. Be your creative self!