DYSPLA Festival


Complementary Therapy for Dyslexia

ADT member Catherine Black is currently doing a course on complementary therapy for Dyslexia and needs people to volunteer as case studies. This will involve relaxation and focusing exercises, and possibly multi-sensory spelling using clay.

Please contact Catherine on: catherineblack22 [at] gmail [dot] com if you are interested


"Picture This" by Sue Bell

Welcome to new ADT member Sue Bell. Sue tells us about her new book: "Picture This" which uses photographs taken by people with dyslexia to tell their stories and show their experience in comic book fashion. The research behind the book came from Sue's understanding that her dyslexic students were good in thinking in pictures, so she used their photos as starting point for discussions around how it felt to be dyslexic.

Glass Heap Challenge

International Festival of Glass, Stourbridge.2012 - CALL FOR ENTRIES

BDA Petition

Dyslexia friendly teaching is the most effective way of teaching not just those with dyslexia but all children. There are very few children who cannot be taught to read, yet currently 26% of children are leaving primary school without achieving expected levels of literacy which often leads to social costs.