DYSPLA Festival


How much do you or your organisation stand behind the mantra that dyslexia is a disability? Maybe it is in your organisation’s interests to treat it as such for funding reasons.  But what if Dyslexia is a “super-ability” and not a disability in that old-fashioned sense of the word?  What if dyslexia is more of a problem for the teachers than the students, because the teachers have not had adequate training to recognise dyslexia in the early years of a child’s life?  After watching the Paralympics how can any of us ever use the word 'disabled' in the same way, when we are 'able' despite our physical or neurological conditions? If you believe that we can experience new ways of looking at the world because of our dyslexia, if you believe that dyslexia is a gift as well as an obstacle, if you believe the term dyslexia is still misunderstood and often unrecognised early enough to celebrate, than you believe in DYSPLA and you should put your stamp on it!

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