Glass Heap Challenge

International Festival of Glass, Stourbridge.2012 - CALL FOR ENTRIES

Who: Glass protagonists, Artists, Designers, Architects, Technologist etc etc.
What: We at Glass Heap Challenge are looking for teams to take part in an event at the International Festival of Glass, Stourbridge.
We are looking for expressions of interest for the challenge.
Contact us (listed below) and we will send you an application pack.
When: 20th-24th August 2012 ( check application for time-line)
Details: The Glass Heap Challenge is a challenge and an important one!
As we all know there is a lot of waste glass out there and not much happening with it,
this is a global problem and global solutions are needed.
There are new laws afoot which will make it harder to deal with this waste and a higher price is going to be charged for its disposal, This all leads to an urgent need to find solutions and a way to work with this waste glass and its unique qualities, to find a way to show its potential and new paths that will lead us to a more sustainable future.
Glass Heap Challenge UK will be held during The International Festival of Glass
24th-27th August 2012 in Stourbridge UK.
The challenge is to up-cycle waste glass into a product, artwork or installation.
It can be functional or non functional. There are only a limited number of days to work in and you have to exhibit what you have made at the end of the challenge………… and by the way, all work produced must be approached using the minimal available technology.

Glass Heap Challenge UK will be the first of many worldwide challenge events.
Working in partnership with waste companies, the glass industry, and retailers, we have devised a challenge that tests the knowledge and know how of glass protagonists, artists, designers, architects, technologist etc.

Well, we did say it was a challenge!

Your not alone as we are looking for teams. Three to a team and only one has to have a glass background. We have a great space to work in, we have accommodation during the challenge and you get to exhibit your new work and potentially work with waste glass companies to develop your designs into a product.
There will be an opening and prizes given and lots more.

If you are interested, please register your interest to info [at] glassheapchallenge [dot] com after the 1st May 2012 you will receive an application form with terms and conditions and the schedule for the event.

Contact: info [at] glassheapchallenge [dot] com
Tel: (44) (0)7939242312