Equipping Visual Multi-Layered Thinkers

ADT member Oliver West will be delivering a series of specific strategies from his Footnotes Visual Thinking Program in London on 19th and 20th January 2011. The program has been developed over the past fifteen years drawn from his experiences as a dominantly visual, multi-layered thinker and as a practitioner within the field of educational and behavioral support. This series of workshop sessions will equip those wanting to open up the world of personalised strategies for living and learning in an ever changing and challenging society.

Footnotes techniques have proved to be of benefit to those who have recognised that they think predominantly in visual terms. These alternative learning methods and study skills introduce people  of all backgrounds to visual thinking techniques which can allow them to realise their full potential.

The main focus of these workshop days is to offer equipping strategies and to highlight the need for a greater awareness of individual thinking styles as well as the consequences of living in a society that has for decades overlooked the very great potential of visual and multi-layered thinkers.

For more details about these workshops please visit Oliver's website: www.oliverwestfootnotes.com