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The ADT is currently developing this part of the website to display the creative work of its members. As a preview please find below are a few examples of the varied and interesting work produced by ADT members. If you find this interesting visit again later when this page is finished and browse our extensive collection of images showing our member's work.

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Downtown Havana by Clive Sommerfiled

Clive Summerfield
Silversmith and Photographer

Clive Summerfield is one of ADT's most versatile artist. A highly skilled silversmith (he won many awards at Medway College of Art as a student), he likes nothing better than to spend his holidays and spare time working in some quite different field. He enjoys (and is good at) graphic design and photography; he likes working with theatre and set designers and has helped organise ADT art exhibition e.g. at Christies. London based at present, he seldom misses a good exhibition. The hustle and bustle of the city suits him, too. He has just come back from Cuba.

Cloisters Canterbury Cathedral by Pat Castle

Pat Castle

Pat Castle lives on the East Kent coast and also works from a base in East London. Unless undertaking a commission, she usually works on a series relating to one particular region, i.e., Southern Spain, Morocco, the Dordogne etc, where she will immerse herself in the area, gaining knowledge of the environment. As a result her work has been much praised for its vibrancy, sense of colour and atmosphere. Pat Castle has exhibited widely and and visitors are welcome to her studio in Ramsgate by appointment.

Pat's website

'Mitosis' sculpture by Katharine Dowson

Katharine Dowson

Katharine Dowson studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art and has exhibited in London, USA, Brazil, Europe and Asia. Collections include The Wellcome Trust, The Arts Council Collection, Cultura Englesa Brazil, The Ulster Museum, Aberdeen Art Gallery, The institute of Neuroscience Newcastle University and Private Collections. She was bought by Charles Saatchi and is included in 'Shark Infested Waters, Saatchi Collection of British Art in the 90's. Katharine employs various materials including transparents' to define her work, juxtaposing the domains of science, art and medicine.

Katharine's website

'Joey the crow' painting by Barry Mickleburgh

Helen Seagal

Helen studied Textile Design at Nottingham Trent University and since then has been teaching Art and Textile in schools. Her work involves both computer aided design and textile techniques to create pieces which look at people either on their own or in relationship with each other. Most of Helen's work stems from her photographs of family and friends enhanced by the use of colour and the flowing line.

'Art action' photograph by Benedict Phillips

Benedict Phillips
Artist, performer and writer

Benedict Phillips is an artist, writer and curator based in Yorkshire, working nationally and internationally. Benedict's has an eclectic portfolio which includes his invented dictionary, book works, art actions, public art and exhibitions.

Benedict's website

'The Game' sculpture by Richard Southall

Richard Southall

Richard's passion for wildlife and the environment, especially wilderness regions, has lead him to make exploratory journeys to study the natural habitat of his subjects. His work has deliberately avoided the obvious "animals in motion" formula and the loosely defined modelling that characterises many contemporary wildlife artists. He creates form through an intense study of the creature at hand. Suggesting a slower, even stationary, pose can more effectively portray a dynamic of movement in the onlooker's mind.

Richard's website

Please artsdyst [at] aol [dot] com (e-mail) or call Arts Dyslexia Trust on 01233 811960 if you require more details on any of the above artists.