Trustees and executives


ADT President
Rupert Richie

We were delighted to welcome Malcolm's son, Rupert, who has taken over as President of ADT. In many ways Rupert is following in Malcolm's footsteps. He shares his father's passion for the theatre and studied at the Central School of Speech & Drama where he took his degree, B.Ed Hons 2.1) in 1996. He has since taught Drama at Kent College, Pembury, Farlington School Horsham, amongst others, and has been leader of Shakespeare workshops including the English Touring Theatre, LTTC London, and the Rose Theatre.

He has a wide experience of teaching, He qualified as a specialist teacher of dyslexic children and adults in 1989 and as a teacher of the Rudolf Steiner system (1955) and the Alexander Technique (1994). He is a LAMDA examiner/teacher (2008 - 2009) and has also most recently conducted National Theatre Drama/Education workshops.

He is not officially assessed as dyslexic himself but through his father and as an ex-pupil of Brickwall House he has many dyslexic friends, and is very familiar with the difficulties they have to face and, too, with their potential talents.


ADT Chairman
Michael Gay

Michael has been a member of the Trust since its foundation over 25 years ago and was a long term friend of our original Chairman Malcolm Ritchie. As an artist himself he very well understands the creative talents of dyslexics and knows our trustees and many other ADT members personally. He heads his interests as architectural history and theater as well as stage design, and he has put into practice his ideas in several independent productions.


ADT Secretary and CEO
Sue Parkinson

As a designer she has executed commissions in a wide range of disciplines, including: film animation, portraiture, model making, and graphics.

She is probably best known for her ceramic sculpture produced for the Richard Parkinson Pottery which is represented in many collections worldwide and in this country in the V and A and that of the Royal Family.

She completed her education at the Royal College of Art, under Prof. Frank Dobson and John Skeaoing, winning a fourth year scholarship and the RCA Life drawing Prize, the first time this had been won by a Sculpture School student.

Teaching experience: after several years teaching life drawing and sculpture in Colleges of Art, she was invited to develop a strong Art department at Brickwall School where she stayed in charge of Art for almost 20 years. Impressed by the talents displayed by the dyslexic pupils there, she was determined to find the reasons for these talents and took a degree course in Research Methods at the OU. when she retired. Finding confirmation for her belief that there is a connection between dyslexia and above average gifts of visual-spatial ability, she founded ADT with two other members of the Brickwall teaching staff in 1992.

After the success of a trial ADT exhibition at Carmel College in Oxford, she organised the first big public exhibition of dyslexic work at the Mall Galleries in London in 1994. This was opened by Arts Council Chairman Lord Gowrie, and welcomed by Roger de Grey KCVO, President of the Royal Acadamy, who hoped " the educational authorities" would take note of the dyslexic talents on display and "the value of visual thinking". Having been greatly inspired by the ground-breaking book "In the Mind's Eye" she invited the author Thomas West over to England to give talks at the exhibition, since when he has been a frequent visitor to the UK, his talks being enthusiastically received and in great demand in influential circles. He is a principal consultant to the Trust and has been a firm supporter of its aims throughout its subsequent history.

ADT Trustee
Clive Summerfield

Educated at Medway College of Design, where he won many national awards for his innovative designs in metalwork, Clive is a highly skilled silversmith and has been working for many years for a well established specialist firm in the trade. Of their recent commissions, the magnificent Dresden Church Bell has been widely exhibited in cathedrals in this country. It can now be seen in its rightful home placed on the top of the church in Dresden.

Like many other talented dyslexics he is not content with one profession only. Together with his interest in exhibition and set design, he has developed his skills with a camera to a high professional standard. An exhibition of his photographs may shortly be on view. Many of them reflect extremely unusual aspects of landscapes and other aspects of life in countries such as India, South America and Australia.

ADT Trustee
Peter Avery

Product Manager at Grayshott Pottery, one of the most successful ceramic producers in England at the present time.

ADT Treasurer
Rachelle Foster