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The Upside of Dyslexia

The word “dyslexia” evokes painful struggles with reading, and indeed this learning disability causes much difficulty for the estimated 15 percent of Americans affected by it.

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Dyslexia friendly teaching is the most effective way of teaching not just those with dyslexia but all children. There are very few children who cannot be taught to read, yet currently 26% of children are leaving primary school without achieving expected levels of literacy which often leads to social costs.  

Is there now a generation of art students untrained in the skills needed for learning to see ?

The human visual system is one of the most complex, subtle and sophisticated engineering feats that has been produced in the biological world.

Its accuracy of perception in small scale work is better than any normal measuring device such a ruler or dividers can achieve. For instance, you can at once see the very slightest misalignment of a letter in a line of text.

Equipping Visual Multi-Layered Thinkers

ADT member Oliver West will be delivering a series of specific strategies from his Footnotes Visual Thinking Program in London on 19th and 20th January 2011. The program has been developed over the past fifteen years drawn from his experiences as a dominantly visual, multi-layered thinker and as a practitioner within the field of educational and behavioral support. This series of workshop sessions will equip those wanting to open up the world of personalised strategies for living and learning in an ever changing and challenging society.

"I Could Be Anyone"

The play, performance ethnography, sees the protagonist growing up in a prodigiously academic environment as a chronic dyslexic, when the word for the most part didn’t exist. Being dyslexic, or as he is led to believe a thick and stupid slag, isn’t an entirely negative affair. 

Glass Courses

The Working Mans College has now developed a programme of courses for creative glass practice. This will include stained glass, kiln formed glass, use of enamels, lustres, etching and  sandblasted techniques. Courses run every Tuesday.
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Inspiring Posters Inspiring People

AchieveAbility and ADT have received endorsements from the Olympics for their creative concept to deliver a project in Schools in East London. The project will encourage visual learning and communication skills for young people who might be Dyslexic. The workshop will be led by ADT and AchieveAbility professional artist: Emma Elliott, Stephen Garrett, Beatrice Cofield, Adam Graddon, Katherine Hewlett, Asli Ahmet and Leon Coles.   

"The Dyslexic Advantage"

Another new book just published by Hudson Street Press and written by DRs Brock and Fernette Eide, is of great importance. 

This book will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the general view of what it means to be dyslexic.  

Most, if not all, dyslexics will be able to identify with and enjoy the descriptions and the stories given by people who think in the same way as themselves. 

"Forgotten Letters"

This is a new book on dyslexic writers which has just been published. It has a brilliant foreward written by Thomas West which we publicize here.

"There are many puzzles and paradoxes linked to dyslexia. One of the most strange of these is that some of the best writers are dyslexic."

ADT's 2011 Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

The Arts Dyslexia Trust's 2011 Annual General Meeting took place on Sunday 11th September 2011 at 2.30pm at Wye in Kent. Below is the Chairman's report summarizing the events of the year:

In view of the general economic circumstances it was felt that we should try to forge links with other groups whose aims our compatible with ours, so as to increase the chances of acquiring funds. This policy has already borne fruit.