The Arts Dyslexia Trust's aim:

Bereavement Announcement

  The Art Dyslexia Trust is sad to announce the death of Susan Parkinson, who died in hospital on 15th October after a brief illness. Sue was a founding member of the trust and until her death, it's secretary for 25 years. Her energy, enthusiasm and vision contributed hugely to the trust's aim of drawing attention to the creative potential of dyslexic artists. Sue will be greatly missed by colleagues, family and friends.  

Welcome to Arts Dyslexia Trust (ADT)

  We are a UK based charity focusing on the visual-spatial abilities as demonstrated in the work of talented dyslexics. We support all institutions and individuals who recognize the advantages visual-spatial skills, and we provide unbiased information and guidance about career and training prospects.Please let us have your views, suggestions and contributions.  

Puzzle link


Here are a few visual puzzles to see if you are a visual-spatial thinker?